WAIT A MINUTE! Hillary Clinton might be running for office…again?

Photo: Anthony Moretti, 29May2016

Photo: Anthony Moretti, 29May2016

The conventional wisdom after Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election was that she was done. The expectation was that she and former President Bill Clinton would head into retirement, savoring being grandparents and doing the humanitarian work that has defined his post-White House life.

The conventional wisdom might be blown away, just as her presidential dreams were about two months ago.

In fact, Mrs. Clinton might be thinking about being the next mayor of New York City. Or maybe the state’s next governor.

Let’s take these rumors — and that’s all they are at this point — one at a time.

The Daily News examined the Hillary-as-mayor rumblings. This might be the most interesting part of that story:

A run for mayor of New York — often described as the second hardest job in American politics — would put Clinton back on the global stage, but many in politics are skeptical that the former Secretary of State would ever jump back into the fray.

“It’d be sweet justice considering the way that de Blasio treated her (in the primary),” said one Democrat and Clinton loyalist.

“But it’s a political delusion.”

Political delusion? That doesn’t sound good.

Does Hillary-as-governor sound any better? The Albany Times-Union mulled over that potential. Consider this excerpt from that story:

Imagine Andrew Cuomo’s face when Hillary delivered the news of her impending candidacy. It would be delicious payback, I’d imagine, for Cuomo’s somewhat tepid support during her race against Trump — revenge served with more ice than a January sidewalk in Plattsburgh.

Just as Hillary blocked Cuomo from running for president in 2016, she could keep him from running for governor again in 2018. Because she would certainly beat him. Handily.

For all her many faults, Clinton remains popular in New York. Or at least more popular than Cuomo, which is all that matters in this scenario.

The takeaways from these stories:

  1. There’s no certainty Hillary Clinton wants either job
  2. She’d likely win if she ran for either office
  3. She’d have to move to one of New York City’s five boroughs in order to be eligible to be mayor
  4. She’d have to move to Albany, from Westchester County, if she were to become governor
  5. The Clinton name has the kind of cache in New York that it doesn’t have elsewhere
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