Probably time to stop ripping those bands involved in the Inauguration Parade


I preface this blog post by saying I didn’t vote for Donald Trump and I’ve got serious doubts that he’ll be a good president.

To say I’m not a fan is spot on.

Setting that aside, it’s high time that the critics quit ripping the various musical acts that have agreed to perform at the Inauguration Parade.

The latest rebuke came today with anger coming from multiple quarters after an Alabama HBCU agreed to perform in the parade.

It’s an honor — no matter who the new president is — to participate in the inauguration. The groups that have agreed to take part are providing their members quite a memory.

That cannot be forgotten. Their opportunity to shine ought not be politicized in the way that it is.

I admit that on multiple occasions Trump’s words or actions offended me. But I will not allow my disdain for him to be directed at the parade participants.

Neither should you.

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