Stop being angry when athletes keep getting those extra chances

Photo: Anthony Moretti 27Nov2016

Photo: Anthony Moretti 27Nov2016

The list of professional athletes who have run afoul of the law — and I’m not talking about a speeding ticket for going 35 in a 30 MPH zone — but continue to find their current or a new team accepting them is long.

From Steve Howe, a crafty left-handed pitcher who could never escape the vice of drugs, to Michael Floyd, who was so drunk he fell asleep at the wheel and then struggled to answer questions posed by the police, athletes who can serve a team will get that second or third or fourth or fifth chance.

I don’t know Michael Floyd, so I’m not going to claim I know what kind of person he is. But I do know Floyd has had at least three other drinking-related incidents. Cut by his former team, the Arizona Cardinals, because of his most-recent drinking and driving incident, Floyd quickly found a new home with the New England Patriots, a team convinced he could help them win another Super Bowl.

Do you think Floyd would have had that opportunity if he were an average kicker? A third-string linebacker? A backup fullback? We know that answer.

Sports fans say they loathe the preferential treatment athletes get. But let’s also be honest and accept that those fans will swallow their anger if that troubled athlete plays for their team and might help them win.

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