Let’s discuss hypocrisy, shall we?


Ah, the joys of hypocrisy:

You are allowed to call the president a bum (or worse) if you don’t like him, and that’s you demonstrating your right to free speech. But when someone else says something nasty about the next president, whom you like, then that person is being disrespectful of the office and should shut up.

I see.

You call the athlete who plays for the team you hate and who crosses the line of professionalism all sorts of nasty words, but how dare anyone use the same kind of words to describe the line crosser who plays for your team. “My” team and all that comes into play.

How nice.

The strong-willed woman you like has “nerves of steel,” and you’ll tell everyone you meet that they should admire her. However, the strong-willed woman you don’t like is a “b****.” And you’ll spread that message just as quickly.

Bully for you.

And don’t get me started on why a black person (“choosing welfare”), a Hispanic (“probably an illegal”) and white person (“down on his/her luck”) is poor. No, I wouldn’t want to question anyone’s expertise on that matter.

Really now.

You can fly your controversial flag and do so because “being an American gives me the right to do that,” but when someone else flies a controversial flag you don’t like, well, of course, they are arrogant, brainwashed, idiotic, anti-American, racist, scum or some similar term.

Got it.

The government you like would only imprison or harass people who deserve that kind of treatment, but the government you don’t like does those things to everyone. You know that because the objective media organization you pay attention to all the time tells you that.

Uh huh.

The person you know who spends all kinds of money on gifts at the holidays is “generous,” while the person you don’t know who does the same might be guilty of being “extravagant.”

Spot on.

A “passionate defender of the faith” and a “religious nut” is determined by whether that person espouses a religion you support. Or at least don’t fear. You can tell the difference between those people, of course.


And just think of all the ways you can share what you know with so many people.

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