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Are those fears of the U.S. moving toward autocracy legit or nonsense?

Donald Trump’s critics are in full throat. The latest example of their disgust with the president who has been on the job for 11 days came late Monday, when Trump fired Acting Attorney General┬áSally Yates. For Trump’s opponents, it was … Continue reading

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Sorry, but you cannot tar people who oppose Trump’s immigration ban as loser liberals

Let’s start with a statement that will have unanimous support among real Americans: Every person who lives in this country wants it to be safe. None of us wants to see a terror attack of any kind in any city, … Continue reading

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Spicer, to diplomats: Get on board with Trump or get out

You can add dissenting voices to the list of verboten characteristics for anyone who wishes to represent the U.S. while Donald Trump is president. Yes, that fundamental value of being confident that you can politely but firmly note your disagreement … Continue reading

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Wow! Washington Examiner blasts Trump on immigration order

The Washington Examiner is typically kind to conservatives and their ideas. But today its editorial board ripped Donald Trump’s executive order regarding banning Muslims. Acting on Trump’s new executive order, border officials on Saturday detained people at airports who had … Continue reading

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Anyone catch that smile on Vladimir Putin’s face?

The list grows: -Commit American dollars to building a wall -Institute “extreme vetting” -Through an administration official, tell the media to “shut up” –Dispatch aides to Voice of America to check out the place Russian president Vladimir Putin must be … Continue reading

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“I never thought something like this would happen in America”

In a moment you will find out who said those words. You also will find out that he might never see his father again. “I never thought something like this would happen in America” is a sentiment being said or … Continue reading

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This week’s “Award for Arrogance” goes to…

…the Oakland-but-Want-to-Be-Las-Vegas Raiders! The Las Vegas Review Journal has the details. The Oakland Raiders have submitted a proposed lease agreement to the Las Vegas Stadium Authority that would have the team pay $1 a year in rent for the use … Continue reading

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