BREAKING: New Year’s Eve h*ll in Istanbul (2x UPDATED)


2nd UPDATE: 7:33 p.m. EST: Middle East Eye examines the turbulent political and social year in Turkey.

Turkey dominated headlines in a year of 24 bombings that killed at least 385 people, political turmoil, fist-fights in parliament, the sacking of a prime minister, strained ties with traditional Western allies, the assassination of the country’s Russian ambassador and a crackdown on independent media with the near-total silencing of free speech.

1st UPDATE: 7:30 p.m. EST: Details from The Telegraph.

As many as two attackers were reportedly dressed in Santa costumes when they opened fire in the Reina club in the Ortakoy area of the city, witnesses told CNN Turk.

One civilian and one police officer were killed and several wounded, NTV reported.

ORIGINAL POST: A tweet from AFP:  At least 35 killed, 40 wounded in Istanbul nightclub ‘terror attack’: official

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