FLASH: Debbie Reynolds dead (3x UPDATED)

2016 Military Bowl, 27Dec2016, Wake Forest vs Temple; Photo: Anthony Moretti

2016 Military Bowl, 27Dec2016, Wake Forest vs Temple; Photo: Anthony Moretti

3rd UPDATE: 8:56 p.m. EST: The Los Angeles Times looks at the life of Debbie Reynolds.

But as the frothy films she was known for went out of style in the late 1960s in favor of message movies, Reynolds turned to the stage. She earned a Tony Award nomination for playing the title role in a Broadway revival of “Irene” in the early 1970s then gave birth in Las Vegas to the nightclub act that she would perform for decades.

In 1996, she returned to the big screen for her first major part in years, playing the title role in the well-reviewed Albert Brooks’ comedy “Mother.” The role allowed her “to bare a steely edge beneath her famously perky exterior,” People magazine said in 1997. It also earned her some of the best reviews of her career.

She was just 18 when studio chief Louis B. Mayer cast her in “Singin’ in the Rain” over the objections of Kelly, who wanted a professional dancer for the part. Decades later, Reynolds said she could still recall the pain from three months of dance rehearsals that made her feet bleed.

“‘Singin’ in the Rain’ and childbirth were the hardest things I ever had to do in my life,” Reynolds wrote in her 1988 autobiography “Debbie.”

2nd UPDATE: 8:46 p.m. EST: More information from Variety.

1st UPDATE: 8:43 p.m. EST: More details from TMZ.

Debbie Reynolds — who rose to stardom in “Singin’ in the Rain” and quickly became a staple among Hollywood royalty — died Wednesday as a result of a stroke, TMZ has learned … just one day after her daughter Carrie Fisher passed away … this according to her son Todd.

Debbie was rushed to a hospital shortly after 1 PM when someone at the Beverly Hills home of her son, Todd, called 911 to report a possible stroke. We’re told Debbie and Todd were making funeral plans for Carrie, who died Tuesday of cardiac arrest.

Debbie famously divorced Eddie Fisher in 1959 after his affair with Elizabeth Taylor.Debbie married 2 more times in 1960 and 1984.

ORIGINAL POST: This tweet from TMZ, which was posted at 8:36 p.m. EST: : Debbie Reynolds Has Died at 84

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