Power to the people (in the countryside)!


The Guardian suggests that city slickers in at least two countries got quite the comeuppance in 2016.

Almost two-thirds of US rural and small-town voters chose Trump, while a similar proportion in the cities chose Hillary Clinton. In the English countryside, 55% voted for Brexit, while cities as varied as Bristol, Glasgow, Cardiff, Liverpool and London voted even more decisively for remain. The stark and growing political division of the US and the UK by population density has been one of the most striking, if under-reported, revelations of the great 2016 electoral reckoning.

Yet the US election and the EU referendum have also shown that even the most confident, expansive cities are politically quite weak. Not simply because their preferred causes lost narrowly in both cases; but because patterns of urban life and both countries’ electoral systems are increasingly out of sync.


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2 Responses to Power to the people (in the countryside)!

  1. America First says:

    It just shows there is still a breaking point of tolerance with the common folk. The key is, they knew Trump was a champion and an honest man. Enough of the liberals for a while. I enjoy seeing them worry about all their little social issues becoming unimportant and our country getting back on track. This world falls apart with the USA at her strongest.

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