Colleges respond to demands to become “sanctuary campuses”


The Chronicle of Higher Education examines what’s at stake.

Since the petitions began, at least five colleges have declared themselves “sanctuary campuses,” but many more have publicly pledged support for DACA and their undocumented students. Administrators at many of those institutions have, rather than issue a blanket declaration, articulated what they will and will not do — often hewing to a similar set of policies, with some offering more details than others.

Presidents of institutions in the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities said in a statement Wednesday that they felt “spiritually and morally compelled” to speak up and protect undocumented students. An administrator at Columbia University said the institution would limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities, and also increase financial aid for undocumented students, should DACA be eliminated or curtailed. And the University of California, California State University, and California Community Colleges systems urged Mr. Trump to continue the DACA program in a joint letter sent Tuesday.

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