Journalists cave, reveal sources. Yes, controversy has followed.

Photo: Anthony Moretti, 29May2016

Photo: Anthony Moretti, 29May2016 has the story.

Operation Elveden secured 32 successful prosecutions of public officials whose lives have been devastated by exposure, unemployment, destitution and public humiliation. Norman is the only source to appeal his conviction, and although he was unsuccessful, his Court of Appeal ruling in October revealed how willingly Trinity Mirror and News International voluntarily gave him up to the Metropolitan Police. He is still fighting on. His lawyers have put in an appeal to the UK Supreme Court.

What he has gone through has been catastrophic and tragic for him and his family.

Meanwhile the Met Police have proudly boasted about the achievements of Elveden with a snazzy mediagraphic and an assertion that “these were not whistle-blowers, but people working in some of the most trusted positions in the police, prisons and healthcare, who were only seeking to profit”.

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