Top U.S. university debates declaring campus a sanctuary; move would prevent deportations of students once Trump assumes presidency

2015 Military Bowl, 28Dec2015, Photo: Anthony Moretti

2015 Military Bowl, 28Dec2015, Photo: Anthony Moretti

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has the story.

Students and faculty from more than 100 universities have called on their administrators to declare themselves sanctuaries after Trump’s election. The president-elect has vowed to deport the estimated 11 million people in the country illegally, though he’s said he’ll first focus on those with criminal records.

They are borrowing the term from the handful of major cities – and dozens of smaller ones – that have declared themselves “sanctuary cities.” Though the meaning varies widely, it typically signals that the city won’t work with federal immigration authorities to hand over people in the country illegally. …

Wesleyan University’s president said Sunday the college would become a sanctuary campus, becoming one of the first in the nation to make the declaration.

Such a decision could have wide-ranging consequences.

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