Academic, explaining many Trump voters: “They made their choice out of a deep-seated sense of humiliation…”

Photo: Anthony Moretti 16July2016

Photo: Anthony Moretti 16July2016

Yes, I know, you’ve made up your mind that racism and misogyny were behind Donald Trump’s rise to political success. But one Lesley University professor encourages you to think about another reason many voters opted for Trump.

The thought patterns that led them to support Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton had little to do with race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. They made their choice out of a deep-seated sense of humiliation, a feeling that they’ve been cheated out of their share of our national abundance.

I have a close friend who supports his family on a yearly salary of $48,000. In the past two decades, this man has not had a vacation that took him away from home. Every time he turns on the TV he sees advertisements with smiling men and women riding around in new cars, or drinking cocktails on a cruise ship, things and experiences he knows he will never have.

In his adult life, has there been a career politician he can point to, Republican or Democrat, who has made his situation easier?

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