Immediate reactions to Donald Trump winning the presidency (and he will win it)


These thoughts are in no particular order:

  1. Hillary Clinton was a far more vulnerable candidate than her supporters and the general electorate believed
  2. There is some connection between the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom and the election of Donald Trump as president, but there are important differences as well (principally the Brexit vote being about immigration and the Trump win being about economics)
  3. Whether the pollsters missed the intent of millions of voters, whether those voters were missed in the polling or whether those voters lied about who they said they were going to vote for, the reality is that the multiple predictions of a Clinton victory were way off
  4. Is the upper Midwest going Republican a one-off, or is it a sign that it, much like the South, is off limits to the Democrats?
  5. How will Trump lead a party that seemed so intent to throw him out like garbage?
  6. Can Trump, who used such bombast in the election, be expected to rein in his rhetoric now that he will be president?
  7. What becomes of the Democratic Party that will be out of the White House, in the minority in the House and at best tied in the Senate? Consider, too, that in 2018, most of the Senate seats being contested are held by Democrats?
  8. The Clintons are done.
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