Will Hillary Clinton crack…

Photo: Anthony Moretti, 12July2016

Photo: Anthony Moretti, 12July2016

…the highest and hardest glass ceiling?

Politico examines the three decades’ long professional life of Hillary Clinton, who is likely to be America’s next president.

A deep look at her record of her pursuit of power and interviews with people who have known her throughout her adult life suggest that the Hillary Clinton who sits at that cusp—the guarded 69-year-old woman Americans have watched so closely on this year’s campaign trail—is a personality forged through a career-long collision with the constantly shifting set of gender-based expectations people have put on her. To get here, she has done for so many years so many versions of what she did on In Focus: adjust, compromise and concede where necessary, never letting pure ideology interfere with the progress her ambitions required. She has done what she needed to for her husband to win elections, then for her to do the same, making repeated course corrections along the way.

The list is considerable.

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