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Really? It is time for the CFL to jettison Toronto?

On the heels of an editorial in the Globe and Mail suggesting that the Canadian Football League needs to stop pushing Toronto as one of its signature cities comes the Calgary Herald making a similar argument. The Grey Cup doesn’t … Continue reading

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Robber tries to outrun police dog (you can guess how this turned out)

PostMedia has the details. A short time later, a man with a backpack matching the suspect’s description left the home and began walking away before spotting the officers. He then started into a jog before ditching the backpack and sprinting, as … Continue reading

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U.N,, to North Korea: Let’s see who blinks first

AFP has the story. The new sanctions resolution — which was spearheaded by the United States and came after three months of tough negotiations with fellow veto-wielding council member China — passed by a 15-0 vote. The resolution demands that … Continue reading

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Interested in who could sign with another CFL team before next season?

TSN’s Gary Lawless has done yeoman’s work gathering the list of CFL free agents. The League hasn’t released the list of pending free agents to the public but through contacting GMs, players, and agents, TSN has compiles its own list … Continue reading

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Meet the Minnesota high school cross-country athlete who broke the rules, came to the aid of a competitor

KARE-TV has the details. “She was definitely a miracle for me,” says the Windom 8thgrader, still marveling at the 12th grader from another school who came to her rescue at the section cross country meet – and in doing so … Continue reading

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An ugly three weeks for the Mt. Lebanon School District

Three weeks ago, American voters chose Donald Trump to be their next president. Since then, at least three racist incidents have taken place in the Mt. Lebanon School District. Mt. Lebanon is about six miles south of Pittsburgh; it is … Continue reading

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Here’s a damning claim: Elected officials and the public have long supported ever-higher barriers for minorities getting into college

The Chronicle of Higher Education examines the evidence. Countries like Finland, Japan, and South Korea beat the United States in educational attainment not because their people are smarter, Mr. Carnevale says, but because they are racially homogenous. And that seems … Continue reading

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