National Review, to Trump: Shut up. The election is NOT rigged.

Photo: Anthony Moretti 19July2016

Photo: Anthony Moretti 19July2016

The National Review editorial board doesn’t mince words as it tells Donald Trump to shut up.

Inevitably, propaganda outlets such as Infowars and Breitbart News push Trump’s message and prominent backers and surrogates fall in line. Jeff Sessions — the four-term senator from Alabama and member of the Judiciary Committee — told a crowd in Portsmouth, N.H., “They are attempting to rig this election.”It is no accident that the election looked much less “rigged” in mid September, when Trump had closed in on Hillary by embracing a modicum of discipline. He has now cast that aside in favor of unleashing the full Trump id, including his conspiracy theory about the election. ‘They are attempting to rig this election,’ says Jeff Sessions.

This is reckless in the extreme.

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