Week 17 CFL Power Rankings


It’s official: At this point in the season, every team in the Western Division, no matter the record, is better than every team in the Eastern Division. Maybe being a crossover team is better than finishing third in the packed west?

Here are the latest power rankings (with the team’s previous ranking posted after their current record in parentheses):

  1. Calgary (13-1-1, 1, vs Montreal): A 35-6 halftime advantage will lead to a lot of wins, and that was certainly the case at the Stamps trashed Toronto. Calgary will not play a meaningful game for more than a month, so their remaining opponents might pick up an unexpected win. Or they might get mauled.
  2. Edmonton (8-7, 3, BYE): The Esks blew open a close game against Montreal by scoring 21 points in the third quarter. That’s the third win in a row for Edmonton, which enjoys its second bye week before continuing a four-game road trip with games at BC and Hamilton.
  3. Winnipeg (9-6, 4, at BC Lions): The Blue Bombers didn’t need to prove their mettle but giving up a large lead and then still finding a way to win did just that. Andrew Harris had a solid effort as he came back from an injury. But fourth place will remain more likely than second place if Winnipeg can’t win again this week.
  4. BC Lions (9-5, 2, vs Winnipeg): The Lions rallied from a 21-point deficit but couldn’t make the plays down the stretch to beat Winnipeg. They’d better win the rematch or else hosting a playoff match might be lost. Jonathan Jennings threw for more than 400 yards but no touchdowns in the loss.
  5. Saskatchewan (4-10, 7, at Toronto): Three wins in a row for the Roughriders, who are quickly becoming a dangerous team. With two more struggling Eastern Division teams coming up over the next two weeks, there’s a realistic chance for Saskatchewan to get to 6-10 before the emotional final game at Mosaic Stadium.
  6. Ottawa (6-7-1, 5, at Hamilton): There would appear to be a quarterback controversy in Ottawa, which responded to Henry Burris replacing Trevor Harris. Consecutive games against Hamilton likely will decide which team wins the Eastern Division.
  7. Hamilton (6-8, 6, vs Ottawa): The schedule is in the TiCats favor with three of the final four games at home. But will Zach Collaros be the starting quarterback? His health and the TiCats scoring more points than they have in the past month will determine whether one or two playoff wins are needed to make the Grey Cup.
  8. Montreal (4-10, 8, at Calgary): Splat. The optimism that was built up after the Als beat Toronto was erased in a huge loss to Edmonton. With Marc Trestman out as the Baltimore Ravens offensive/offensive coordinator, might a return to Canada be forthcoming?
  9. Toronto (5-10, 9, vs Saskatchewan): Once 4-2, the Argos are now a mess. The housecleaning that began with the dumping of multiple receivers undoubtedly will continue in the off-season. Whether that process includes the coaches is at this point not known.
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