A championship repeat in Pittsburgh?

Photo; Anthony Moretti 2Oct2016

Photo; Anthony Moretti 2Oct2016

Let’s see, as I offer my NHL predictions.

Photo; Anthony Moretti 2Oct2016

Photo; Anthony Moretti 2Oct2016


ATLANTIC DIVISION: Tampa Bay, Montreal, Florida, Detroit, Boston, Buffalo, Toronto, Ottawa: SPOTLIGHT TEAM: Montreal bounces back from a horrible season, largely because Carey Price will be healthy. But the Canadiens will be second best in this division.

METROPOLITAN DIVISION: Pittsburgh, Washington, New York Rangers, New York Islanders, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Columbus, Carolina: SPOTLIGHT TEAM: New Jersey won’t make the playoffs, but the Devils could have a much more successful season than first thought.

CENTRAL DIVISION: Chicago, Dallas, Nashville, St. Louis, Minnesota, Winnipeg, Colorado: SPOTLIGHT TEAM: They’ll be singing, not celebrating, the Blues in St. Louis, which could miss the playoffs if Minnesota is better than expected.

PACIFIC DIVISION: Los Angeles, San Jose, Anaheim, Calgary, Edmonton, Arizona, Vancouver: SPOTLIGHT TEAM: San Jose rode a wave of momentum to the Finals one season ago. The Sharks will stay near the top because this division is weak.

Photo; Anthony Moretti 2Oct2016

Photo; Anthony Moretti 2Oct2016



ATLANTIC: Tampa Bay over Detroit, Florida over Montreal: Detroit could miss the playoffs; but if the Red Wings do indeed make it, their stay won’t be long.

METROPOLITAN: Pittsburgh over New York Islanders, Washington over New York Rangers: All eyes are on the Capitals, who hope to avoid another post-season disaster.

CENTRAL: Chicago over St. Louis, Dallas over Nashville: Nashville will be the one really good team in the playoffs that doesn’t get to the conference semifinals.

PACIFIC: Minnesota over Los Angeles, San Jose over Anaheim: If a significant upset is going to happen in the opening round, then Minnesota is most likely to deliver it.

Photo: Anthony Moretti, 30May2016

Photo: Anthony Moretti, 30May2016


ATLANTIC: Tampa Bay over Florida: The Lightning are dangerous. Very dangerous.

METROPOLITAN: Pittsburgh over Washington: The Caps again collapse.

CENTRAL: Dallas over Chicago: The Stars have better depth when it matters most.

PACIFIC: San Jose over Minnesota: The Wild aren’t that good.



Tampa Bay over Pittsburgh: The Lightning are dangerous. Very dangerous.

Dallas over San Jose: The Stars shine and take a bite out of the defending conference champions.



Tampa Bay over Dallas: The Lightning might have won last year if Ben Bishop hadn’t gotten injured. This year, Tamps Bay gets it done.

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