Wait. What? Ban RT from US airwaves?

3Jan2016 Photo: Anthony Moretti

3Jan2016 Photo: Anthony Moretti

RT suggests that Western fears over Russian propaganda (or truth, as RT sees it) could lead to outright censorship.

It’s not hard to see where this kind of logic is going: NATO, a military-security organization, is declaring that Western societies are under threat from Russian subversion; Western state intelligence services label specific Russian media threats; and Western media establishment figures lead public opinion to view said Russian outlets as “illegitimate”. The next short step is for Western governments to ban Russian news channels from the airwaves and internet – on the basis of “national security”.

The tunnel vision here is astounding. Western arrogance and self-righteousness is betrayed by such casual, deprecatory qualifiers of Russian channels as “state-owned” or “close to the Kremlin”. This week, for example, France 24’s media watch presenter James Creedon airily dismissed a report on the US elections published in Sputnik because “it is close to the Kremlin”.

What about France 24? The BBC? Or Deutsche Welle? Somehow these channels are not qualified as “state owned” or “close to Paris, London or Berlin” – even though they very arguably are.

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