Ewww…you’re a sportswriter who covers high school sports?


Yes, he is. He’s done it for 40 years. And he’s da*n proud of it.

Some people think the high school sports reporter is the lowest entry position of a newspaper. It’s true in some aspects. The least experienced person gets told, “Go cover the game.” Then the editor gets to see how dedicated, determined and innovative the reporter truly is, because those are the qualities you need to succeed.

From rosters not existing to disputes with officials not wanting reporters on the sideline to fighting for a seat in a press box filled with boosters munching on crackers, there are obstacles at seemingly every game. Then there are the games that end past deadline. You’re stressed out,  doing a little under-the-breath cursing … and, in the end, loving every minute of the challenge.

The good far outweighs the bad.

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