You think Colin Kaepernick is being disrespectful? Really?


You might want to read what USA Today’s Nancy Armour thinks about silent protests, hostile reactions to athletes and showing respect.

I understand people have passionate feelings about the flag and the anthem, particularly those who served in the military. But, with all due respect, patriotism and honoring this country is simply a convenient cover for the vehemence and volume of the reaction to Kaepernick and his fellow protesters.

If this truly was about patriotism, where was the outrage during all of those decades when NFL players weren’t required to be on the field for the national anthem? It wasn’t until 2009 when that changed. Where is the indignation that the anthem is rarely shown on broadcasts of any game, in any sport? (Although the anthem has appeared on TV before most NFL games this season. You can thank Kaepernick for that.)

What about all those people texting, talking, taking photos or trying to catch Pokemon during The Star-Spangled Banner? Or the singers who “perform” the anthem as if they’re looking for a recording contract? When are we going after them with pitchforks and torches?

And since we’re all so fiercely patriotic these days, there’s going to be a huge increase in voter turnout this fall, right? Voting might be the most powerful way to show gratitude to America and the men and women who have served it, yet less than two-thirds of this country can be bothered to do it during national elections.

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