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This is not a joke: The Chicago Tribune has endorsed Gary Johnson

Suggesting he is a “principled option” for president, the Chicago Tribune has endorsed Gary Johnson for president. This is the moment to look at the candidates on this year’s ballot. This is the moment to see this election as not … Continue reading

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Sigh. Waiting and waiting for the presidential candidates to meaningfully talk about…

…Russia. My latest op-ed for Russia-Direct. One of Clinton’s first acts as Secretary of State was a meeting with Russian officials, in which the now famous “reset” button was presented. Considering how President Obama has moved from wanting to engage … Continue reading

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The Podcast Profs go Millennial

Our latest podcast welcomes a RMU student with a Millenial’s perspective on the election season.

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You support the death penalty? Hmmm…

The latest Pew Research Center study might surprise you. Only about half of Americans (49%) now favor the death penalty for people convicted of murder, while 42% oppose it. Support has dropped 7 percentage points since March 2015, from 56%. … Continue reading

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You want to get young adults to the voting booth?

Then make sure they take a journalism class. explains. The researchers analyzed data from the Educational Longitudinal Study of 2002, a survey from the U.S. Department of Education of a random sample of 15,360 students in 750 public and … Continue reading

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Ewww…you’re a sportswriter who covers high school sports?

Yes, he is. He’s done it for 40 years. And he’s da*n proud of it. Some people think the high school sports reporter is the lowest entry position of a newspaper. It’s true in some aspects. The least experienced person … Continue reading

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A haiku

One and two and three Four, five, six and then seven Ever more, confused

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