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BREAKING: Trump’s running mate could soon be named

The Washington Post suggests two names have moved to the top of Donald Trump’s list of possible vice presidential nominees. Donald Trump’s campaign has begun formally vetting possible running mates, with former House speaker Newt Gingrich emerging as the leading … Continue reading

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Meet the (likely) new prime minister of Britain

The BBC explains how the candidates will be winnowed until one emerges as David Cameron’s successor as head of the Conservatives. The party’s 1922 committee, made up of backbenchers, will oversee the contest. A series of ballots will be held … Continue reading

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Hey, college students: Your audience should be everyone! (Or maybe not?)

The Chronicle of Higher Education suggests that faculty should be much more proactive in ensuring that their students’ work reaches the largest possible audience. While we’re excited about this shift, we recognize reason for skepticism — namely, that incorporating public … Continue reading

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Why has ISIS set its evil eyes on Turkey?

TIME magazine explains why ISIS has repeatedly attacked Turkey over the past two years. The attack is also the clearest sign to date that the civil war in Syria has become a regional crisis. The Assad regime’s war with armed … Continue reading

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Angela Eagle. Who? Angela Eagle. Who? Hey, stop that. She soon could be an important figure in…

…British politics. One of my U.K. friends — as tuned in politically to what is happening in that nation as anyone you’ll meet — posted the following on his Facebook page. With his permission, I re-post it here: BBC News … Continue reading

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WIIFM? What? You don’t know what that means?

Well, perhaps you should. LinkedIn explains. It’s a question we all ask, consciously and/or subconsciously. And though it may seem selfish, this simple question reveals a compelling human desire: to know how we stand to benefit from something. For those … Continue reading

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How dare the masses rise up!

Foreign Policy suggests that the tumult of what is European and American politics right now could bring about a kind-of political revolution in which the elites remain in charge. Perhaps these informal coalitions can survive until the fever breaks. But … Continue reading

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