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The Hill, to Hillary Clinton: Your running mate MUST be…

…a U.S. Senator… …with a strong liberal record… …from an important swing state. The Hill identifies who fits those criteria. The best and wisest choice for a variety of good reasons is Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio. (As for his … Continue reading

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Sports fans: Your vote about ESPN, please

Here you go.

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An academic year ends

My faculty colleagues handed out their last final exams of the semester today. With those exams now¬†being graded, the academic year at Robert Morris University¬†is almost done. It doesn’t seem possible. How eight months went by so quickly leaves me … Continue reading

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The Podcast Profs and their offspring!

Enjoy The Podcast Profs’ 10th podcast…with two special guests.

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If you want an example of how not to be a university leader, then…

…look at what the chancellor of UC Davis has done. Inside Higher Ed reports that Linda Katehi received her comeuppance, and it wasn’t pretty. Linda P.B. Katehi survived as chancellor of the University of California at Davis after an incident … Continue reading

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Who is more desperate? Ted Cruz or Carly Fiorina?

Ted Cruz has been whacked by Donald Trump in six consecutive Republican primaries. He trails Trump by roughly 400 delegates. He cannot win the GOP nomination by delegates alone. Nevertheless, Cruz announced today that if he were to become next … Continue reading

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If Donald Trump is not the GOP nominee,…

…then the party is indeed ready to fracture. And perhaps permanently. Please spare me the “well, if Donald Trump doesn’t get at least 1,237 pledged delegates, then he might not become the Republican presidential nominee.” If your preference is to … Continue reading

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