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Why is Rocco, the Pittsburgh K-9 police dog, getting so much attention?

If you live in the Pittsburgh area (or follow news from it), then you know there has been incredible attention the past 24 hours on the death of Rocco, a K-9 dog. Rocco was injured on the job a few … Continue reading

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Guardian produces video evidence that it destroyed hard drives containing information provided by Edward Snowden

It happened almost six months ago, but today the Guardian released videos showing that with government officials watching every move, its employees destroyed hard drives that contained information provided by Edward Snowden. The bizarre episode in the basement of the Guardian‘s … Continue reading

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The State of the Union versus the Super Bowl

This story begins with a comment one of my students made on her Facebook page the other night. As President Obama delivered his State of the Union address, this student wrote, “If only the State of the Union Address was … Continue reading

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“Could lives of Leningrad residents have been saved if the city had been surrendered to the Nazi troops?”

Russia Beyond The Headlines examines one television network’s poll question and the reaction to it. The Russian cable channel Dozhd (Rain) has found itself at the center of a scandal after it polled its audience on the World War II … Continue reading

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Israeli writer: Israel losing propaganda war, allowing critics to label it an apartheid state

Writing in the New York Times, Hirsh Goodman reflects on the power of image. Now…after decades of arguing that Israel is not an apartheid state and that it’s a calumny and a lie to say so, I sense that we … Continue reading

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Vodka consumption killing Russian men

TIME magazine summaries the results of a study with unsurprising albeit it unfortunate findings. Russian men who drink large amounts of vodka run an “extraordinarily high” risk of early death, according to a new study based on research conducted over … Continue reading

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The Los Angeles Rams (again)?

The Los Angeles Times reports that the owner of the St. Louis Rams has made an intriguing land purchase in Southern California. </The owner of the St. Louis Rams has bought a large piece of land in Inglewood that potentially … Continue reading

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