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Canadians examine the implications of their government spying on their social media use

The Ottawa Citizen takes a look at a stunning admission by the Canadian government and how its citizens are reacting to it. News of the government’s expansion in the vast, individualized and intimate social media arena is raising red flags. … Continue reading

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A beacon

The light flickers. On.   Off. On. Off. As if to say, “Come closer.” I move toward it, Then stop, cold with fear. I wake up. All is quiet. And dark.

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A football team continues to come to grips with a tragedy

USA Today examines why the Kansas City Chiefs front office and many players cannot escape a horrible tragedy that took place one year ago. Real life, the type of terrible violence that happens all too frequently across America, had invaded … Continue reading

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NSA spying has now angered Canadian politicians

The New York Times examines the latest fallout from the release of classified NSA documents by Edward Snowden, and why Canada is at the center of the latest controversy. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, citing a confidential briefing paper obtained by Edward … Continue reading

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I walk down a crowded city street All kinds of people and noises Mark their presence. Nowhere to move, nowhere to hide. Others trampling my space; Trucks, cars, machines, everywhere. Can I please Return now to sanity And common sense? … Continue reading

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World Cup soccer matches fixed?

The Telegraph reports on a developing international scandal involving soccer matches that were fixed. The National Crime Agency and the organised crime division of the Crown Prosecution Service on Thursday night said that the men had conspired to defraud bookmakers … Continue reading

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Vladimir Putin cancels Christmas…

…for workers at the Sochi Olympics site. The Telegraph explains why. During a tour of inspection of the Olympic sites on Thursday, the Russian president made plain that he expected everyone involved in the gargantuan project to work without a … Continue reading

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