Pardon my (al Jazeera) English, but you are not welcomed here any longer

Way to go, China!

Nothing like booting a journalist from the country to demonstrate that harmonious spirit you speak of so eloquently.

Al Jazeera reports its Beijing reporter is leaving the country and the news agency’s bureau is closing.

Al Jazeera English has had to close its bureau in Beijing after the Chinese authorities refused to renew their correspondent’s press credentials and visa.

Al Jazeera English has expressed its disappointment in the situation and said it is continuing to request a presence in China. The channel has even been requesting additional visas for correspondents for quite some time through the normal procedures but these have not been issued.

In the meantime though, with China not renewing its existing correspondent’s accreditations, or allowing a replacement correspondent, the channel said it has no choice other than to close its Beijing bureau.

Melissa Chan has been Al Jazeera English’s China correspondent since 2007. Chan has filed nearly 400 reports during her five years in China. She has covered stories about the economy, domestic politics, foreign policy, the environment, social justice, labor rights and human rights.

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