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Is it time to move on?

I had the chance to enjoy the late Friday night NHL game between Vancouver and Dallas, as NBC Sports Network picked up the TSN feed. During the second intermission, the studio announcing team analyzed (and in one case seriously bemoaned) … Continue reading

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An alien attack?

My then 7-year-old created his own Alien Attack video a few months ago. I reprise his directorial debut here.

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When will China overtake the U.S?

The Economist has a bet on the table — and 2018 (remember that’s less than 6 years from today) will be the year. Michael Pettis has challenged us to a bet. For those of you who don’t know him, Mr … Continue reading

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Keith Olbermann gets dumped by Current TV (UPDATED)

1st UPDATE: 5:45 p.m. EDT: Olbermann has released a statement in which he makes clear he will sue Current TV. ORIGINAL POST: Politico has the story. Current TV has fired Keith Olbermann, citing a lack of “respect” and “collegiality” in … Continue reading

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Should a Cathoic bishop influence the selection of a commencement speaker?

The Boston Globe reports one Massachusetts bishop has done just that, pressuring a small Catholic institution to change its original commencement speaker. A small Catholic college that invited Victoria Reggie Kennedy to speak at its spring commencement has rescinded the … Continue reading

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You are lucky there is no grade “G”

The fun times of a university professor and some students.

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A smiling Fabrice Muamba…

…should make your day. Sky Sports has the evidence.

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