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Blame the protesters?

This is probably not the way to make friends and allies. As the Financial Times reports, the Greek government says that if on-going strikes prevent the government from securing a desperately needed bailout, then it’s the fault of those protesters.  … Continue reading

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The fascination (let’s call it that, okay!) with Anna Chapman continues

I doubt the media continue to cover what Anna Chapman is doing now that she’s back in her native Russia because she’s an attractive woman. No, I’m sure they are (ahem) interested (ahem) in her because she was a spy … Continue reading

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Arrivederci, Kobe Bryant

One of the NBA’s best players says he’s ditching the league (and North America) while the NBA is still in a lockout. The Los Angeles Times sent the following news alert late last night (PDT): Lakers guard Kobe Bryant reportedly … Continue reading

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I recall hanging out on Friday night…

Can you go back? Physically, yes. But you can never bring back what was…whether to relive it, or make it different. I want to go back…cause I’m feeling so much older. But I can’t go back, I know.

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Just once in his life…a man has his time. And my time is now. I’m coming alive!!

There is no way, no way at all, that you will be able to convince me that St. Elmo’s Fire is 26 years old. No chance. I heard the song on my way home today. It triggered a host of … Continue reading

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DSK et Tristane Banon rencontrent

DSK and Tristane Banon meet. He is the former head of the International Monetary Fund who recently had sexual assault charges against him in New York dropped. She is a French writer who says he tried to rape her a … Continue reading

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The World Series will be won by…

…uh, hold on, we’ll get to that. Last year, I predicted that the San Francisco Giants would win the World Series. Can I repeat, so to speak, this year? I will, if… NATIONAL LEAGUE DIVISIONAL SERIESPhiladelphia over St. Louis: Synopsis: … Continue reading

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