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Texas A&M is outta here!

Well, almost. As the Associated Press reports, the university announced today what has been clear for several days — it wants out of the Big 12 Conference. Texas A&M dealt a blow to the Big 12 Conference Wednesday, saying it … Continue reading

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President Obama is playing politics

And you can decide whether he should be. The White House announced today that the president has asked to address a joint session of Congress next Wednesday night in order to layout his jobs plan. The New York Times outlined … Continue reading

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There will be no merger of AT&T and T-Mobile…

…if the federal government gets its way. As the New York Times reports, the Justice Department announced today it is seeking to block the planned merger of the second- and fourth-largest cellular phone companies. AT&T said it would fight the … Continue reading

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Shame on you, University of Kentucky athletic department

Well, this is certainly one way to get the media riled up — pick on a student reporter. And that’s what appears to have happened at the University of Kentucky, where the athletic department has revoked the media pass of … Continue reading

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Your last chance to get an HP TouchPad…

…is coming. But there are a host of unanswered questions associated with HP’s decision to produce one last batch of its TouchPad, which rapidly sold out earlier this month when the company slashed the price to $99. (The price cut … Continue reading

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For Jon Huntsman, it might be now or never

He’s surrounded by fellow Republicans who are more vitriolic. He’s a moderate at a time in which GOP voters appear to want raw, red and partisan meat. He’s down in the polls. So, does former Utah governor Jon Huntsman have … Continue reading

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Texas A&M moves closer to saying "see ya, y’all" to the Big 12

The clock that represents how much time Texas A&M has left in the Big 12 Conference is about to strike midnight. The signs that the university is planning to exit the conference (and likely seek to join the SEC) are … Continue reading

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