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It’s not all Greek to me

Greece might indeed get a second financial bailout from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, and it might have to come quickly as the country could run out of money in a few weeks. As Bloomberg notes, a … Continue reading

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Ladies and gentlemen, your Winnipeg…

…Jets? …Moose? …Phoenix? No one is quite sure what the “new” NHL team in Winnipeg will be called, and there’s no guarantee that at today’s relocation announcement that the nickname will be revealed. Nevertheless, the sale of the soon-to-be-extinct Atlanta … Continue reading

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The power of television

If you are a “rebel” and trying to take down a dictator, then you recognize you need access to television in order to get your message to as many people as possible. So, as the Associated Press notes, the Libyan … Continue reading

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C’est un complot, je dis! Un complot!

It’s a conspiracy, I say! A conspiracy! No, I’m not saying there’s a conspiracy at work, but some people are. I enjoyed reading this New York Times editorial which indicates that a majority of French citizens believe a conspiracy could … Continue reading

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Reporting at its best…

…a disgraced college football coach at his worst. This Sports Illustrated story goes deeper than any I’ve seen in identifying the depth of the problems within the Ohio State football team. After reading it I’m sure you’ll come to the … Continue reading

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It’s been a "great" 24 hours for the sports world

On Sunday, the governing body for international soccer — FIFA — completed an ethics inquiry, suspended two of its leading officials, cleared its of-questionable-character president of any wrongdoing and promised to continue examining what might be wrong within its ranks. … Continue reading

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What brought down Jim Tressel?

Ohio State’s head football coach Jim Tressel resigned today, ending a remarkably successful but tarnished tenure. What brought him down is a question that might not immediately be able to be answered, but there certainly are some preliminary signs. One … Continue reading

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