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Playing amateur psychologist can lead to terrible judgments…

…but as I continue to watch the professional career of Brett Favre wind down, I am finally convinced he has held on for too long. In the fourth quarter of today’s game between the Minnesota Vikings and the New England … Continue reading

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When you abandon manufacturing…

…you abandon your role as the world’s economic leader. So says the Washington-based correspondent for one Middle East newspaper.

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Blow up cargo planes?

It seems preposterous; but as the investigation continues into the latest (apparent) terror threat emanating from the Middle East, the evidence for now is pointing to a deliberate attempt to blow up the cargo planes containing the bombs. The New … Continue reading

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You’ve got to love America

In what other country would legitimate, mainstream media devote hours of coverage to a conservative bloviator and then two comedians-cum-“journalists” as they host rallies in the nation’s capital? Now, don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying what Glenn Beck, Jon Stewart … Continue reading

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Dirty pool

What one McDonald’d franchise owner in northeast Ohio appears to have done not only is a gross violation of professional ethics but also of state law. Dirty pool, plain and simple.

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A pattern?

The Madrid bombings took place just before an election there. The attempt to bomb an airport in Scotland took place at election time. Now, today, there is this cargo plane incident. Granted, the first two were carried out. This one … Continue reading

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US television networks broadcast more violence than other countries

Ah, ain’t it grand! Read more here, and as you do make note of what al-Jazeera does.

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