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But will we be outraged?

The Wall Street Journal has published a damning report on the length some Internet Websites will go to track what you do online. You should be upset after reading the story. Granted some companies are assisting you in trying to … Continue reading

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Is Boy Scouting still relevant?

Of course it is, though The New York Times notes that recent legal issues have highlighted the struggles the Boy Scouts of America organization has had in attracting young men to and then keeping them in the program. This is … Continue reading

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Studying abroad

If you are involved in higher education — or just have a general interest in study-abroad programs — then you should find this report interesting. I’ve become a bigger proponent of study-abroad programs as I’ve spent more time in higher … Continue reading

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The economy taps the brakes…

…and because of it the GOP will accelerate its criticisms of the Obama administration. The New York Times reports: The United States economy expanded at a 2.4 percent annualized rate in the second quarter of this year, slowing significantly from … Continue reading

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Dear Ms. Clinton

(An open letter to Chelsea Clinton) — As you prepare for that most important day in your life — your wedding — I want to challenge you to rethink who you are. Because of your parents very public life, Americans … Continue reading

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The classic battle has begun

In this corner… the military and political leadership, arguing incessantly that the release of almost 90,000 classified documents by WikiLeaks has put American lives and the lives of some of their allies in danger. And in this corner… the First … Continue reading

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A Mississippi college reverses course

Sort of. Remember that strange story about a community college student who was sent to detention by his instructor because he used an expletive while reacting to a grade he received? The college has backtracked but not as fully as … Continue reading

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