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Being at CNN right now…

…must be a real treat. Larry King is taking his microphone and suspenders and going home. The search for his successor already is under way. Anderson Cooper might be “keeping them honest” at another network. Like him or not, Cooper, … Continue reading

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Yes, they were typical

And that is what made them so important to the Russians. As you are aware, the FBI has picked up 11 people and charged them with spying for the Russians. Today’s Los Angeles Times picks up on a tired but … Continue reading

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It’s about time

That’s probably not the response you might have expected from me upon learning that Larry King is ending his nightly talk show on CNN. King couldn’t be counted on to deliver ratings, which is the reason (unstated, of course) behind … Continue reading

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After Joe Paterno, who?

No, this post is not going to examine who might replace Joe Paterno as Penn State’s football coach once he opts to step aside. I’ll leave it to others to offer an opinion as to who that might be. Rather, … Continue reading

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His successor will be my predecessor

At least that’s the plan West Virginia governor Joe Manchin has in mind as he figures out who to appoint as the (temporary) successor to the late senator Robert Byrd. Manchin needs to find someone ready to step into Mr. … Continue reading

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The Incredible Huck?

Of course, the mainstream media are looking for any and all indications that the expected Republican presidential nominees will indeed make a run for the Oval Office. There are renewed signs today that former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee will be … Continue reading

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Um, about that "reset" button

Perhaps U.S.-Russian relations will need to reset the reset. Spying? Really!

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