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Israel’s attack on a flotilla, new post

I quote from this New York Times report about today’s assault by Israeli Defense Forces of a flotilla purportedly delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza: Mr. Netanyahu defended the Israeli military‚Äôs actions, saying the commandos were set upon by passengers on … Continue reading

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An update on "licensing journalists could happen in…"

It turns out the author of the bill doesn’t think his legislation has any chance of passing. So why did he do it? The Toledo Blade has the answer. Sen. Bruce Patterson did say something that will generate conversation (or … Continue reading

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Israel’s attack of a flotilla in international waters (4 x UPDATED)

5th UPDATE: 12:56 p.m. EDT: An Israeli ambassador says his government received information that the organizers of the aid flotilla had ties to al-Qaeda. This report does not indicate whether the ambassador elaborated on his comments. 4th UPDATE: 12:45 p.m. … Continue reading

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Licensing journalists could happen in…

…Michigan. Michigan Senator Bruce Patterson has introduced such a bill, which already has gathered media attention inside and outside the state. And, not surprisingly, it’s generating lots of conversation on the blogosphere. The most interesting part of the bill is … Continue reading

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What BP should say (UPDATED AT BOTTOM)

An open letter from BP executives to residents of the United States and especially Louisiana: Dear U.S. Citizens, We continue to be embarrassed by our inability to plug the oil and gas that are spewing from the depths of the … Continue reading

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It’s worth reading

This is a really good story from the Washington Post on Bill Clinton. I urge you to pay special attention to the tension within the Democratic Party, which has had to grapple with the Clinton/centrist approach to leadership and the … Continue reading

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Reinventing journalism

The Federal Trade Commission has weighed in on the important discussion of what needs to be done to bring better journalism to American citizens. Unfortunately, its report offers a too-strong endorsement of “old” media (especially the newspaper industry) and a … Continue reading

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