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A book or an e-book?

A recent essay in the Globe and Mail about books and e-books got me thinking: Is reading a book the same as reading an e-book? No, and it never can be. But is that necessarily a bad thing? Books have … Continue reading

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She’s heading home

Pittsburgh’s loss is Hartford’s gain, as KDKA-TV news director Coleen Marren returns to Connecticut and takes over a news operation there.

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Drill, baby. Drill.

I wonder what Sarah Palin thinks about the president’s decision to allow for some oil and gas exploration off parts of the United States’ coastlines. A snippet of the New York Times’ story: ‘Mr. Obama said several times during his … Continue reading

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The tortured life of a Los Angeles Times reporter

Regular readers of this blog know I grew up and began my broadcasting career in southern California. So even though I’ve not called Los Angeles home for almost 15 years, there is still a part of me that remains interested … Continue reading

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Social networking, politics style

This from the Associated Press: ‘Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is holding a town hall meeting on Facebook. Pawlenty’s Facebook page says the potential Republican presidential candidate will convene the online gathering on Wednesday. The page is linked to his national … Continue reading

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I say this as politely as I can…

…you’ve got to be dumb as a rock to threaten a politician. We’ll leave it at that.

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Slowly drifting away

CNN can’t stop the ratings slide. And the question continues to be a simple one — when is CNN going to do something about it, and when? It should come as no surprise that FOX News is the cable news … Continue reading

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