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They’re guilty… (UPDATE)

UPDATE: And now the Russian judicial system is under an even more acute spotlight — how will it handle the cases surrounding anti-Kremlin protests that took place today. The Moscow Times points out the unusual nature of today’s protests. ORIGINAL … Continue reading

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The 49 states of the United States of America?

Uh, Anthony…you goofed. It’s 50. ‘How could he possibly make that mistake?’ you ask. I didn’t. It could be 49, if a group of Vermonters get their way.

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A big day for Pack 28

The Pack 28 2010 Pinewood Derby was a big success. Almost everyone from my Pack had their car registered and took part in the event. What was especially impressive to me… …is that our race and trophy winners came from … Continue reading

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The president…the Supreme Court justice…

…and the national media. Oh, you knew it would happen. And on some level it’s like an impending train wreck — you don’t want to watch, but… …you can’t avert your eyes as more and more media organizations, including the … Continue reading

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And now for the spin

This report from the Financial Times is sure to lead to the political spin game this afternoon and throughout the weekend news cycle. The US economy grew at the fastest rate in six years during the fourth quarter, offering hope … Continue reading

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Here’s a rarity in local television news

An anchor team that has been together for 20 years. The many station general managers and news directors who have come through WPXI in this time deserve credit for not splitting these two anchors; the temptation too often today is … Continue reading

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A teacher’s union tries to bully…

…a high school journalism student. Look, I’m not anti-union, but the actions of one Nevada teacher’s union are asinine. No one appears to be denying the content of a potential news story, but the union wants to prevent the story … Continue reading

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