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Dirty politics?

This excerpt is from The Seattle Times newspaper, and it appeared on Mike Allen’s daily Playbook on ‘Maurice Clemmons, the 37-year-old Tacoma man being sought for questioning in the killing [Sunday] morning of four Lakewood police officers, has a … Continue reading

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The name will change…

…but let’s hope the commitment to news excellence does not. The “News Hour with Jim Lehrer” is changing its name to “PBS NewsHour.”

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We don’t like him…but we don’t think we like you

What a mixed message, and it is one the Republican Party has to grapple with as it attempts to create a national election strategy that goes beyond “we’re not Obama.”

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Kudos to Los Angeles Times’ columnist Bill Plaschke for delivering an excellent assessment of the final minute of the USC-UCLA football game. Regular readers of this blog know I’m a graduate of USC, which won last night’s game 28-7. It … Continue reading

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Was Osama bin Laden within reach?

A Senate report suggests the American military had a chance to capture Osama bin Laden just three months after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks but did not put together the forces necessary to complete the task. The report is sure … Continue reading

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What Tiger Woods and Charlie Weis can teach us about…

…media speculation. Over the past three weeks Notre Dame football coach Charlie Weis has been the subject of the dreaded “he’s going to get canned” rumors. With the exception of Notre Dame’s athletic director, no one at this point knows … Continue reading

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If I report it…it must be true

So… 1. Tiger Woods is having an affair with the woman who crashed the White House State Dinner…and 2. That woman’s husband was there to talk to Oprah about getting the exclusive interview after he was named the new football … Continue reading

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