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The H1N1 vaccine…and you

An informative piece from TIME magazine. Advertisements

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Open mouth, insert…firing?

Am I the only one who looks at this story and thinks that either there is something more than meets the eye or that one huge lawsuit is coming? More importantly, does the decision to fire someone who questioned the … Continue reading

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The trampling of civil liberties

A Point Park colleague makes a powerful argument that in the effort to derail protests (violent or not) during last week’s G-20 Summit, various police agencies and courts trampled on civil liberties.

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Either the West is concoting another flawed case…

…or the Iranians are determined to hack off the world. The Financial Times reports tonight that Iran has been secretly designing a nuclear warhead dating to 2004 or 2005; information that certainly puts more strain on the impending meeting between … Continue reading

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Another Catholic university…another controversial speaker

This time it’s Saint Louis University, which has announced it will not allow David Horowitz to speak on campus.

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An on-going trend

WMAR in Baltimore is the latest local news operation to institute cut backs to on-air staff. It certainly saves money, but what does it do to the quality of the newscast?

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A sudden change

WPXI has dumped its news director, Corrie Harding. The Pittsburgh NBC affiliate announced the decision late yesterday. I confess to always being suspicious when the phrase “it was a mutual decision” is used.

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