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I thought with the aggressive agenda being pursued by the president…

…that the U.S. Senate had no time on its hands. It appears I was wrong: check out what the Senate is planning for next week. Advertisements

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Office move — update

“Tweeted” this a moment or two ago: Office move 99% complete. Looking outside and seeing the sun shine on Pittsburgh. Watching the rain clouds roll in earlier was cool, too.

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"Maria" wasn’t the only one

Sort of. Give South Carolina governor Mark Sanford credit for coming clean on his personal life. It might destroy his political career, but it is refreshing (perhaps a poor choice of words) for a politician to acknowledge extramarital affairs. The … Continue reading

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To be Frank(en)…

…it’s about time. A good friend of mine who lives in St. Paul missed by one month. He guessed it would be May before the contested U.S. Senate race in Minnesota between Norm Coleman and Al Franken would be decided. … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin…on and off the political trail

This article is worth your time. Unlike many others in recent months that portray Palin as a political weakling who survives more on style than substance, this Vanity Fair report offers a more complete look (though not necessarily fully favorable) … Continue reading

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Fight the world…starve your people

This very well could be the legacy of North Korea’s “Dear Leader” Kim Jong-il. How sad. The Korean peninsula has been an unsettled place since the 1950s, but the recent spasm of military activity and hostility displayed by the North … Continue reading

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Meeting you, with a view to a…

…parking garage? With apologies to Duran Duran (“A View to a Kill”), I am slowly getting settled into my new office. The comment about the parking garage is only half true. Yes, it does dominate the view out of one … Continue reading

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