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Ms. California and the media

Ms. California sure has a problem — she openly espouses an opinion that the mainstream media feel compelled to question (but can’t really offer a good reason as to why). By now you are certainly aware that Carrie Prejean hacked … Continue reading

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Whoa, wait a minute! (2 UPDATES)

CNN announced that it was turning to the Office of Health and Human Services for a press conference about H1N1. What I’m watching ON THE CNN AIR (technically air, it is after all cable) is a WEBCAST! This offers multiple … Continue reading

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More signs of trouble for the GOP

Far fewer people consider themselves Republican today than just six years ago. Granted, as the highlighted report from The Hill notes, they are not automatically flocking to the Democratic Party; nevertheless, the erosion of support is telling because it is … Continue reading

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From the outside looking in… (UPDATED periodically)

…it appears that Mexico is about to go into shutdown mode. The government has ordered all non-essential businesses to close for 5 days, in an effort to slow the spread of the H1N1 (so-called swine flu). Yes, the World Health … Continue reading

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Who asked the questions?

There were 13 total questions asked at tonight’s presidential press conference. Ten of the questions were asked by men; 3 were women. Eleven of the reporters were Caucasian. One was Hispanic. One was African-American. Does anyone have any thoughts on … Continue reading

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Alhambra, California

That Los Angeles suburb might not mean anything to you, but I called it home for almost 20 years. And now I read that a USC (my alma mater) journalism professor is turning it into a journalism experiment. The following … Continue reading

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An Internet petition challenging Notre Dame to… (2 UPDATES)

…do reconsider its commencement-address invitation and honorary degree to President Obama. This petition was forwarded to my mother-in-law, who then passed it on to my wife and me. Neither my wife, I, nor any of our family attended Notre Dame … Continue reading

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