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Can I get an editor, please?

This is the “tweet” to alert you to something from President Obama: The President’s Weekley Address: “Gearing up for a fight” I wonder what the “dailey” comments are like. Advertisements

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The wife is right…

…and a good laugh can be had because of it. She reminded me that when I entered my Ph.D. program in 2000 (when I also began teaching) that I very well could have been the older brother to many of … Continue reading

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Twitter overload?

Cutting through the failed attempts at humor and the sometime snide comments, this New York Times article makes a valid point: what has information become, in this era of social networking, instant messaging, texting and other forms of (supposedly) instant … Continue reading

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This is a great read

No matter your opinion of former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, he is a politician and a thinker that should be studied. I know you will find this New York Times piece about him to be worth your while. … Continue reading

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Can a moderate Republican win in this environment?

I am reminded yet again this afternoon that the most vocal within the Republican Party appear determined to move their party to the right. As the Conservative Political Action Conference continues in Washington, I see where speaker after speaker has … Continue reading

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Citizen (New York) Times

Kudos to The New York Times for its important decision to accept citizen journalism.

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And now the left is about to howl

Imagine the horror — their guy changed his mind and turned his back on a political promise. Get over it. He didn’t; and if you think he did, you’re wrong. The reality is that the president’s decision today to end … Continue reading

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