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No truce, no calm in the Middle East

Israel has rejected a cease-fire plan that was being brokered by the French government. The Israelis based their decision in part on wanting to give Hamas no opportunity to regain the momentum it has lost since this crisis began 5 … Continue reading

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The New York Times is sued

Sure, I understand the premise behind the lawsuit — “clear my name.” But I don’t think lobbyist Vikki Iseman is going to be able to prove that the newspaper acted with malice when it suggested that she and Sen. John … Continue reading

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Yes, the three cable news networks enjoyed fantastic ratings in 2008

But keep in mind, as this article points out, that once the election was over…ratings fell. In my opinion for the networks to sustain the numbers they had in 2008, they must remain committed to journalism. (I know what you’re … Continue reading

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A perfect Boy Scout?

Well, maybe not. But I read this story about this Boy Scout from New York who has earned all 121 badges available from the organization. What a feat!

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Israel/Gaza, Day 4 (UPDATED)

As is true in war time, mixed messages are being heard as the crisis between Israel and Hamas continues. A relief boat, carrying volunteers and medical supplies, was “rammed” by Israel today. I out the term “rammed” in quotes not … Continue reading

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Apparently $17 billion is not enough

No, the Treasury, according to, has decided to kick in another $6 billion to help bailout the American auto industry.

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Telling journalists no… (UPDATE)

…is always a tough thing to do, when it is another journalist saying it. But when it comes to the upcoming inauguration, “no” is an answer some journalists will here. Moment of honesty here — I received my “no” a … Continue reading

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