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Throwing an expensive celebration is hard when…

…you don’t have enough funds to do it. An interesting report in The New York Times that underscores the expectations federal officials, visitors, media and others have of Washington as it readies for the January inauguration of Barack Obama. I’m … Continue reading

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The Mumbai Terror Attack…

…is over, but the lingering questions remain. Without question, the most important is who carried it out? The historical tension between India and Pakistan makes it easy to suggest that Islamabad was involved, but as mentioned this blogger thinks that … Continue reading

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The Morettis returned to Pittsburgh on Saturday after spending a couple of days with my family in New York. We typically pick up I-80 out of Scranton/Wilkes-Barre and remain on that long stretch of road until we hit I-79. But … Continue reading

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Recognition from a local newspaper

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has recognized me in its weekly Newsmaker segment.

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Family and holidays

When my mother passed away almost three years ago, she was living with two of her sisters. Those two women are still alive, and my wife, the boys and I make at least one trip each year to visit them … Continue reading

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Saying "Pakistan" played a role in the Mumbai attacks…

…is a loaded term. What exactly does the use of the country’s name mean? If “Pakistan” means the government, then what the Indian government is suggesting is that the Pakistani leadership deliberately sought to bring terror to India. Granted, the … Continue reading

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Sen. Chris Matthews?

I can’t decide if that sounds like a good idea (get him off cable television) or a bad thing (place him in the U.S. Senate). For what it’s worth, Matthews is denying that he’s making plans to run for the … Continue reading

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