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Kudos to the Mayor of Pittsburgh

He’s a first-time dad. Congrats to the Ravenstahls! Advertisements

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Moretti agrees with the FCC chair?

What! Is he going soft? Losing his mind? Hey, come on…give me a break. In this case, I believe Kevin Martin is correct. And if you’re a cable consumer, so should you.

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If this is true…

…then ‘tit for tat’ is a bad way to do business.

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Don’t call the Election until all the polls are closed?

Radical? Insane? Never happen? Who would dare tell television executives what to do? Because of the fractured political world in which we live, I believe there is a hidden agenda here — a depressed voter turnout, as suggested by the … Continue reading

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Economic yuck

Not very professional sounding…but what it looks like is even worse.

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The future of newspapers?

Now, no newspaper editor has to fear being first…and being the lightning rod for the risks associated with taking a newspaper from hard copy to almost exclusively online. The editors of the Christian Science Monitor have taken the plunge.

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Throwing Sarah under the bus?

Check out what some members of the McCain campaign are saying about the vice presidential nominee.

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