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A prediction

More people will watch the vice presidential debate on Thursday night than did the first presidential debate. Why? Simple. A Friday night debate in the fall goes up against high school football — something that is going to take people … Continue reading

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My two cents

The bailout plan failed…get over it. The worst thing you can do at this point is panic. Congress will get together again in a few days and try to come up with a new and acceptable deal. But set that … Continue reading

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Just great

And just when you thought the media fascination with Barack Obama couldn’t get any worse: Mary Hart to Senator Obama on ‘Entertainment Tonight’: ‘If you don’t get elected, you could be my co-host.’ Kudos to Mike Allen of for … Continue reading

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Meet the (new) Press

The plans are not finalized…though there appears to be a strong consensus about the future of Meet the Press. Here are the details.

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A cold Canadian wind blows in

Now, after reading this I can understand why the CBC has chosen to apologize. I have just one question — why did it take almost three weeks to offer that apology?

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Boeing, I understand, makes a great airplane with those numbers. But when the Dow Jones falls by that amount…well, you can forget about retirement for awhile! Now for a dose of reason — the bailout package that was proposed by … Continue reading

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57 million

That’s the estimated number of Americans who tuned in to Friday’s presidential debate involving Barack Obama and John McCain. While these numbers are good, they don’t come close to matching the largest audience figures from past presidential debates. Perhaps the … Continue reading

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