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Taking a couple of days off

There will be no new postings on this blog from Wednesday through the weekend. My older son and I are heading off to Cub Scout camp. I’ll provide new comments, postings and thoughts about the media again on Monday, Aug. … Continue reading

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Another sign of the growth in stature and importance of citizen journalists

I’ve made no secret that I’m a proponent of citizen journalism, though I also acknowledge that there are some legitimate questions that news organizations need to consider as they use citizen journalists’ reports. Here’s another example of mainstream media organizations … Continue reading

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Gee, what a surprise

Journalists are finding it hard to do their jobs in China, just days before the Olympics begin. I was fully expecting these kinds of stories to be delivered. This situation reminds me of that old saying that “it’s easier to … Continue reading

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More speculation…or a legitimate story?

I’m inclined to give the Washington Post the benefit of the doubt on this story…I think there’s some substance here. Doing so means that there might be some definition to the Democratic presidential ticket. Meanwhile, John McCain appears to be … Continue reading

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The "M" word is now being publicly discussed

In the aftermath of the FCC’s (poor, in my opinion) decision to allow the merger of satellite companies XM and Sirius, “monopoly” pricing concerns are now being expressed. By whom? Would you believe by a member of the FCC. I … Continue reading

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No (free) wireless Internet for you!

So, who’s playing the grumpy, angry man this time? If you guessed the companies that COULD provide us free wireless IF THEY WANTED TO…you’d be 100% correct. And in a somewhat related story, China now has more Internet users than … Continue reading

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Arrest of Radovan Karadic

The news that I’ve read in recent days is that Serbia has reacted with calm to the news that its former leader Radovan Karadic had been arrest for war crimes. But independent reporters and bloggers from inside Serbia note that … Continue reading

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