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Just a thought about "fringe" candidates

There’s been some talk and media speculation of late about the potential for Libertarian Party candidate Bob Barr taking votes from John McCain and thereby potentially costing McCain the general election. I offer this thought — take a look at … Continue reading

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For a host of reasons…that seems like a winning ticket. For a host of reasons…that seems like a losing ticket. And is it possible, as you read this story, that McCain’s campaign is doing nothing more than floating this idea? … Continue reading

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They did it once…they did it twice…

…and a prominent United States senator says they’d like to do it again. Is Sen. Joe Lieberman correct? Consider the evidence: The initial attack on the World Trade Center occurred soon after Bill Clinton was sworn in as president. Less … Continue reading

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MSNBC appears to be getting better

What does that mean for the competition? Let them be scared. That’s my opinion. If the chronically third-ranked (among FOX, CNN and MSNBC) cable news network is finding its focus and gaining more audience…good. One other news article suggests it … Continue reading

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Is the local television sports guy…

…becoming a thing of the past? Last week, it was a St. Louis station that chose to dump one of its sports anchors. Now, a similar fate has befallen a Denver sports anchor. And this situation from Baltimore smacks of … Continue reading

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That’s a LOT of Olympics coverage!

While NBC and other international broadcasters are still arguing with the Chinese government about what locations can be used as backdrops for live broadcasts, NBC is pushing ahead with an ambitious Internet plan for the Games. There are some potential … Continue reading

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Well, I don’t think we have to worry about…

…one of my son’s following in his father’s footsteps. Tonight, my younger boy got into a conversation with a family friend and me about potential careers he might have. A variety of possibilities were floated, including journalist and professor. My … Continue reading

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