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Another journalist laments what he should have said

But should Harry Smith really have voiced his opinions about the war? Read this and tell me what you think. Advertisements

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He’s correct

Much of what passes for “news” on the cable networks today is really educated opinion and speculation.

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What she meant to say was…

…not what she said the first time. A CNN reporter backtracks/restates her thoughts about corporate executives interfering with coverage of the Iraq War.

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A news channel targetting a black audience

A respected former African-American politician is heading up the effort.

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Here we go again

Another reporter being asked to testify about his sources. More evidence that we need a federal shield law.

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Add another voice to those in favor of…

…ditching the SAT/ACT test requirements for university admission.

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Lieberman to speak…

…at an event hosted by a pastor Sen. John McCain has abandoned.

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