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Her lead is shrinking, but… (UPDATED)

…two Pennsylvania politicians still expect Hillary Clinton to win the state’s Democratic primary. UPDATE: But will it matter? More once uncommitted Democrats are starting to announce they are backing Barack Obama. This is in part a sign of wanting party … Continue reading

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Live Webcast and discussion of Al-Jazeera

Heard about this today…would be an interesting topic for our classrooms. Note that you can sign up for free to watch the Webcast. The conference is next Monday.

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Kathie Lee Gifford

That’s the answer. The question is…right here.

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More credence to the Al Gore scenario

I mentioned in a post last week that I was disgusted that CNN’s Jack Cafferty was taking a local (Florida) newspaper report and turning it into a national story, when there really was no story to begin with. Now along … Continue reading

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The Olympic Torch arrives in China

Here’s a blurb from CNN, but you can read and see much more on CCTV. State-run CCTV also (and perhaps inadvertently) mixed politics and sports on the homepage of its English-language site, noting that the government was unhappy with comments … Continue reading

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You knew this was coming — check out the comments

Kudos to the anonymous person who left two comments to the “You knew this was coming” post I made earlier this evening. Whoever it is makes a valid point — there is more than one way to look at and … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton has a new fan in Pittsburgh…

…though he admits that he’s not ready to say whether he’d actually vote for her.

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